Video EU Tweets: Greek referendum, end of roaming fees, EU-Russia-Ukraine gas talks failed, EuroparlTV video on public debt

Met dank overgenomen van viEUws - The EU Policy Broadcaster, gepubliceerd op donderdag 2 juli 2015.

Jennifer Baker presents EU Tweets of the Week, looking at the good, the bad and the ugly from the European Union Twittersphere this week:

  • Most-debated: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s abrupt decision to hold a referendum on whether or not Greece will accept its creditors’ measures provoked a tsunami on twitter.
  • The good: after months of talks, the Latvian presidency reached a provisional deal to end roaming fees.
  • The bad: the EU-Russia-Ukraine gas talks failed, halting gas supplies to Ukraine as of 1 July.
  • The ugly: meanwhile at the Parliament, EuroparlTV released a video explaining what public debt means…

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