Blog: Getting closer to EU citizens: "Europe in My Region" campaign is now launched

Met dank overgenomen van C. (Corina) Creţu i, gepubliceerd op donderdag 28 april 2016.

I am proud to announce that the European Commission has today launched the first "Europe in My Region" campaign to encourage citizens to discover and learn more about EU-funded projects all around Europe.

I am very happy that we are now launching this brand new EU-wide campaign. Through the four different initiatives, "Europe in My Region" will certainly help raising awareness among citizens about the many good projects EU funds support all across Europe. "Europe in My region" will allow citizens to see what the European Commission concretely does to improve their daily life.

The campaign is organised by Commission's Directorate-General for Regional Policy with the support of Commission's Representations and Managing Authorities, "Europe in My Region" will run from 29 April to 11 June in 23 EU countries involving over 1200 events with thousands of citizens expected to attend.

"Europe in My Region" is organised around four different initiatives: the EU Open Project Days, a treasure hunt, a photo competition and a blogging campaign. All these activities aim to encourage citizens to visit EU-funded projects while sharing images and experiences via social media.

Throughout May, EU funds beneficiaries will present their projects to citizens during the EU Open Project Days and an online map will help geo-localise the projects adhering to this initiative. Meanwhile, citizens will be invited to participate to a treasure hunt hosted by 18 countries and a total of 45 regions: treasure hunters will have to find hidden hints in some co-funded projects and reply to an online quiz.

The 5th edition of the Facebook photo competition (2 May - 28 August) wants to celebrate projects that are making a real difference to local communities: To enter the competition, citizens need to take a photo of a project receiving EU funding, with the plaque or billboard with funding information and the EU flag somewhere in the picture. Three winners will get the chance to win a photography course with a professional photographer and a trip to Brussels.

Last but not least, the most talented bloggers posting about local projects will be invited to Brussels to participate to the media programme of the European Week of Regions & Cities (10-13 October 2016).