EU positief over rol Portugees voorzitterschap op gebied van toerisme (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Portugees voorzitterschap Europese Unie 2e helft 2007 i, gepubliceerd op donderdag 22 november 2007.

Aware of the importance of tourism in the economy, on a national as well as European level, the Portuguese presidency of the European Union undertook Tourism as one of its priorities. It launched a dynamic process based on the belief that sustainable tourism is a crucial activity for Europe's affirmation, in the context of the application of the Lisbon Strategy for growth and employment and the Renewed Strategy for Sustainable Development.

Within this ambit, and after the European Forum on Tourism in the Algarve, where the Commission's Communication called «Agenda for a Sustainable and Competitive European Tourism» was presented, today in Brussels the European Council debates, for the first time, the issue of tourism and approved the conclusions of the «Agenda».

Among the conclusions, those that stood out were the need to develop integrated models for the management of destinations, the divulgation of good practices concerning sustainability in tourism, as well as the promotion of the effective use of European financing instruments for the implementation of the Agenda.

The role of the Portuguese presidency was praised by members of Parliament of the Transport and Tourism Commission, during the meeting that was held yesterday with the secretary of state for tourism, Bernardo Trindade, to take stock of the actions on Tourism under the Portuguese presidency of the EU and today, during the Competitiveness Council chaired by the minister of the economy and innovation, Manuel Pinho.

It should be noted that also, for the first time, tourism has become a relevant issue in the Treaty that will be signed in Lisbon.

The initiatives of the Portuguese presidency in the tourism sector will be further enhanced with the seminar on «Tourism and Innovation in Europe», to be held next week in Cascais and where three themes will be discussed:»Product and Development Engineering»; «Concept and Design» and «Technology».


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