Europarlementariërs willen een "interne markt test" voor rechtvaardiging nieuwe EU wetgeving

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP) i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 9 maart 2010, 13:24.

There is no conflict between consumer rights and an economically efficient single market: they reinforce each other. This is the key message of three reports approved by Parliament on Tuesday that look at EU law on consumer protection, the internal market and the SOLVIT system for settling consumer disputes.

A properly functioning internal market is one where firms are not wary of creating new jobs and where consumers are not anxious about buying goods and services.  Europe's growth and competitiveness depend on this: the spending of 499 million consumers represents half the wealth generated in the EU.  But for this to happen, European law must be applied correctly and in good time by the Member States.

Two of the three own-initiative reports approved today, one by Róza Thun (EPP, PL) on the internal market scoreboard, the other by Anna Hedh (S&D, SV) on consumer protection, look at progress made in implementing EU law and the quality of implementation. The two reports aim to make the Commission and the Member States face up to their responsibilities with regard to the transposition and implementation of EU internal market and consumer legislation.

The report on the internal market scoreboard calls on the Commission to subject any planned legislation to an "internal market test", a politically controversial point in the eyes of some MEPs. It also asks the Commission to hold an annual internal market forum so that representatives of Member States and other parties can jointly seek the best solutions to problems of transposition and implementation of EU law. 

The report on consumer protection urges Member States to set up a special consumer ombudsman for the extra-judicial settlement of disputes. 

The third report, by Cristian Silviu Buºoi i (ALDE, RO), calls for the SOLVIT network to be better promoted, and to be strengthened with more qualified staff at national level.  SOLVIT was launched in 2002 to resolve problems encountered by consumers and companies because of poor application of internal market law. 

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