Deense premier Thorning-Schmidt stuurt afscheidsboodschap Deens voorzitterschap (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Deens voorzitterschap Europese Unie 1e helft 2012 i, gepubliceerd op vrijdag 6 juli 2012.

The Danish EU Presidency has been about creating growth and new jobs. Unemployment, absent growth and financial instability are the great challenges of Europe right now. Our Presidency has worked for common solutions in order to create concrete results to the benefit of European citizens and businesses.

When we took over the Presidency, the EU was in the midst of a historical crisis. It was not only an economic crisis. The pursuit of common solutions had also challenged the unity between the 27 Member States.

That is why we have worked hard to show that the EU is still capable of producing tangible results.

I believe that the EU today is more capable of dealing with the economic crisis compared to six month ago. We have shown that the EU is able to take responsible decisions together.

We have adopted the Fiscal Compact which is a crucial instrument in restoring confidence in the European economy. Without such confidence, we cannot create new growth in Europe. Financial regulation has also been strengthened to help prevent financial crises in the future.

At the European Council in June, we adopted a comprehensive growth plan for the EU. The Danish Presidency has delivered results that became key components of this growth plan. We have worked especially hard to ensure contributions in areas such as the Single Market, green energy and trade - all of which are important in creating growth and jobs in Europe. We have secured agreement on a pilot phase for project bonds that will contribute to strengthening competitiveness in the EU. And after more than thirty years of negotiations, the Member States finally agreed on a common European patent reform which we will now finalise with the European Parliament. I cannot envisage a more fitting conclusion of the Presidency than the adoption of a growth plan.

The EU continues to face huge challenges that will test the unity in the time ahead. But the past six months have only reassured me in my belief in the European project. I believe in our institutions, our cooperation and our common responsibility. More common action - not less - is the only way out of the crisis for Europe.

The Danish Presidency has shown that the EU can deliver concrete results if the Member States work together and are willing to compromise and find common ground. Also among the 27 Member States. That is a promising foundation for the work we have ahead of us.

Denmark looks forward to working with the Cyprus Presidency and the rest of our partners in the EU in the coming months to ensure further progress.

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt i