i2010 High Level Expert Group (i2010 HLG)

Deze expertgroep [EU] i (nr. E01837) adviseert de Europese Commissie (Directoraat-generaal Communicatienetwerken, Inhoud en Technologie (CNECT) i) bij het opstellen van nieuwe wetgeving en nieuw beleid. Expertgroepen zijn samengesteld uit deskundigen van nationale overheden, vertegenwoordigers van belangenorganisaties en/of experts uit het bedrijfsleven.


i2010 High Level Expert Group (i2010 HLG)


Abbreviation: i2010 HLG

Policy Area: Information Society

Lead DG: CNECT - DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology

Type: Formal, Permanent

Scope: Limited

Mission: The main tasks of the Group is to discuss strategic ICT policy issues in the context of i2010 and in the wider context of the Lisbon agenda, review the effectiveness of i2010, and give input and advice on possible improvements and adjustments on i2010 actions, on the basis of the monitoring of i2010 implementation and the evolution of policy. A work programme has been adopted by the Group. In addition, the Group also offers a forum for exchange of experiences with Commission services, and for exchange of views on issues arising from the Lisbon National Reform Plans in the areas covered by i2010.

Task: Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views

Contact: INFSO-C1@ec.europa.eu

Publication in RegExp: 01 Jun 2006

Creating Act: Commission Decision 2006/215/CE

Link to Website: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/eeurope/i2010/high_level_group/index_en.htm

Last updated: 13 Dec 2010

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