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Dinsdag 28 januari 2020
Atomium in Brussel.
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 7 februari 2019
plaats Brussel, België
organisatie Europees Unitair Links/Noords Groen Links (GUE/NGL) i


Our alternatives to free trade deals

European Parliament, Brussels, 7 February 2019


09:00 - 13:00: Morning session Room 1G2 (InterpretationFR,DE,IT,NL,EN,EL,ES,SV)

Welcoming words: Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL

Introductory speech:Jeronim Capaldo (United-Nations):Why and how to build alternatives to FTAs such as TTIP and CETA”

Roundtable with people working on concrete alternatives and open debate:

Building together a systemic alternative to the FTAs :

Moderated by: Ethan Earle & Mónica Di Sisto (Fair Watch-Italy)

Roundtable with people working on concrete alternatives and open debate: Tom Bauler European Society for Ecological Economics; Paul de Clerck, FoEE; Wawa Wang, Sustainable Energy- Denmark; Tom Trombeecks, CSA Belgium; Martin Burgos, CCC-Argentina; Petra Völkerer, AK-Austria; Africa Kiiza, SEATINI; Manuel Perez Rocha, IPS-Washington; Monica Di Sisto, Fair Watch; Scott Sinclair, PA-Canada; Shalini Bhutani, Forum against FTAs-India; Claude Girod, Via Campesina; Carles Casajuana, Solidar; Omar Aziki, Attac-Maroc; Inés Mahmoud, RLS Tunisie; Marija Bartl, UVA-Amsterdam; Lucile Falgueyrac, S2B; DGB representative; Brid Brenan, Binding Treaty campaign-Ireland;

and MEPs Helmut Scholz, Anne-Marie Mineur, Eleonora Forenza, Emmanuel Maurel, Kouloglou, Patrick Le Hyaric among others.

13:00: Lunch

14:00 -16:00: Afternoon session (in English)

Workshop 1: Sovereignty, global values and international trade

Room P1C51

introduced by Manuel Perez-Rocha, IPS - Washington and Africa Kiiza, SEATINI

moderated by MEP Helmut Scholz

Workshop 2: Environment, global boundaries and international trade

Room 2M003

introduced by Olivier De Schutter (UCL) and Paul de Clerck (FoEE)

moderated by MEP Eleonora Forenza

Workshop 3: Services, new technologies, and international trade

Room P5A33

introduced by Roland Kulke - Transform and Scott Sinclair-Trade alternatives (Canada)

moderated by MEP Anne-Marie Mineur

16:00-16:30: in room 2M003 Gathering for a drink before departure


Registration (for badge): http://www.opinio.europarl.europa.eu/opinio/s?s=3309

Contact: paul-emile.dupret@europarl.europa.eu

Late arrival: (sms or whatsapp): +32476384755


Europees Unitair Links/Noords Groen Links (GUE/NGL)

Deze fractie in het Europees Parlement bestaat hoofdzakelijk uit partijen met een (soms voormalige) communistische achtergrond, zoals de Duitse partij Die Linke, de Griekse en Tsjechische communisten. De Partij voor de Dieren i heeft zich namens Nederland aangesloten.


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