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Dinsdag 26 mei 2020

Indicative programme - Economic and Financial Affairs Council meeting, 10 October 2019

Met dank overgenomen van Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad) i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 8 oktober 2019.


European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL)


Mika Lintilä, Minister for finance of Finland

All times are approximate and subject to change

From +/- 08.15

Arrivals (live streaming)

+/- 08.45

Doorstep by Minister Lintilä




Beginning of the Ecofin Council meeting

Adoption of the agenda

Adoption of non-legislative A Items

Adoption of legislative A Items (public session)

+/- 09.15

Any other business (public session)

  • Governance framework for the budgetary instrument for convergence and competitiveness for the euro area
  • Current financial services legislative proposals

+/- 09.45

High-Level Group of Wise Persons on the European Financial Architecture for Development (public session)

+/- 10.45

European Court of Auditors’ annual report on the implementation of the budget of the European Union for the financial year 2018.

Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Action Plan.

Anti-Money Laundering Directive: Policy towards "high-risk third countries".

European Semester 2019 - Lessons learnt.

G20 and IMF meetings in Washington DC.

Coalition of finance ministers for climate action.

(poss.) Council recommendation on the appointment of a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank.

Any other business:

  • International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF)
  • Capital Markets Union
  • Status of the implementation of financial services legislation

+/- 14.30

Press conference (live streaming)

In the margins of the Council

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Eurogroup meeting

From 12.00

Arrivals (live streaming)

+/- 12.45

Doorstep of Eurogroup President Mario Centeno

+/- 13.00

Roundtable Eurogroup

From 15.00

Arrivals (Inclusive EG)

+/- 15.30

Roundtable Eurogroup in inclusive format

At the end of the meeting:

Press conference (live streaming)