Press briefing ahead of Eurogroup of 3 November 2020

Met dank overgenomen van Eurogroep i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 27 oktober 2020.

The (virtual) press briefing ahead of the videoconference of Eurogroup of 3 November 2020 will take place on 29 October 2020 at 13.30.

The briefing will be "off the record" and will be given by Tuomas Saarenheimo, President of the Eurogroup Working Group.

EU i accredited journalists will be able to participate and ask questions remotely. If you hadn't registered for one of the previous virtual Eurogroup press events, please use this link to do so and have the possibility to ask questions.

Deadline: Thursday, 29 October 2020, 12.00

Further instructions will be sent to all registered participants after the deadline.

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