Improving the situation of workers is the goal we must strive for

Met dank overgenomen van Sloveens voorzitterschap Europese Unie 2e helft 2021 i, gepubliceerd op woensdag 10 november 2021.

Minister Janez Cigler Kralj as the chair of the Council of the EU today attended the opening of the headquarters of the European Labour Authority (ELA) in Bratislava. A key task of the ELA is to support the EU institutions and EU member states in implementing the extensive EU legislation governing various aspects of labour mobility.

"The ELA will play a very important role in the efficient functioning of a rapidly changing labour market, especially in view of future trends in labour mobility," said Minister Cigler Kralj, adding, "Ensuring a well-functioning labour market is at the heart of our integration."

The opening of the ELA headquarters was also attended by the highest political representatives of Slovakia, namely Prime Minister Eduard Heger and the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Milan Krajniak, and the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit i, and the Executive Director of the European Labour Authority, Cosmin Boiangiu.

This was followed by a conference in which Minister Cigler Kralj also participated. Together with Commissioner Schmit, the French Minister of Labour, Employment and Economic Inclusion, Elisabeth Borne, and social partners, they discussed the future of labour mobility and the role of the ELA. In his address, Minister Cigler Kralj pointed to the changes in the future of work, highlighting technological and demographic challenges, which can also be opportunities.

"One of the central tasks of labour market policies will be anticipating and forecasting skills that are in demand," said Minister Cigler Kralj, adding "In developing policies, improving the situation of workers must be the goal we strive for."

On the margins of the event, Minister Cigler Kralj met with the Slovak Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Milan Krajniak.