Cypriotisch voorzitterschap: tussentijdse evaluatie, streven naar een beter Europa (EU)

Met dank overgenomen van Cypriotisch voorzitterschap Europese Unie 2e helft 2012 i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 23 oktober 2012.

Cyprus’ Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Ambassador Andreas D. Mavroyiannis, presented today, October 23, a mid-term review of the progress of the Cyprus Presidency, during the meeting of the Conference of Committee Chairs of the European Parliament (EP i), in Strasbοurg.

Ambassador Mavroyiannis presented the mid-term review of the Cyprus Presidency to the Conference of Committee Chairs of the European Parliament. The Cypriot Deputy Minister began his statement with a brief presentation of the ongoing progress on the most important issues that the Cyprus Presidency should deal with until the end of the year.

The Conference of Committee Chairs meeting takes place during every EP plenary week. The Conference invites each Member State to present its priorities before the assumption of its respective presidency of the Council of the EU. In the midterm, the Presidency is then called again, to review the progress made.

Multiannual Financial Framework

Ambassador Mavroyiannis highlighted the progress achieved on the negotiations of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and specifically referred to the importance of striving to reach an agreement at the Extraordinary European Council meeting in November. The Cypriot Deputy Minister stated that the Cyprus Presidency will present a new revised Negotiating Box by the end of this week.

Common European Asylum System

Concerning the establishment of the Common European Asylum System, Ambassador Mavroyiannis stressed that “ it is of great importance that this is achieved by the end of 2012.” An agreement has already been reached with the European Parliament for the Reception Conditions Directive and on a substantive part of the 'Dublin Regulation'. The Cyprus Presidency is committed to work with the EP towards the completion of negotiations concerning the Asylum Procedures Directive and the EURODAC i Regulation.

Ambassador Mavroyiannis also thanked the EP for its cooperation and its decision to resume work on the five legislative proposals in the field of Justice and Home Affairs.

Economic Governance and Monetary Union

The Cypriot Deputy Minister also briefly presented the progress made on economic governance, and especially on the ‘two-pack’ on strengthening the economic and fiscal surveillance of euro area countries. He noted that trialogues continue at an intensive pace between the institutions, while emphasising that both legislators (Council and EP) need to demonstrate appropriate will to reach agreement by the end of 2012, in line with European Council Conclusions. He then continued by referring to the package of proposals on the Single Supervisory Mechanism for banks, which gained momentum during the last European Council meeting that called for an agreement on the legislative text by 2013.

“The Presidency, will undertake every effort towards the objective of agreeing on the legislative framework by January 1, 2013,” added the Cypriot Deputy Minister.

Single Market Act

Ambassador Mavroyiannis also focused on the legislative proposals included in the Single Market Act, making special reference to the fact that six more proposals are likely to be concluded by the end of 2012.

“The Presidency is committed to intensify the current pace of work and trust that sufficient flexibility on the side of both legislators will allow us for timely adoption of these files,” added the Deputy Minister.

Ambassador Mavroyiannis also outlined some files which have been concluded during the Cyprus Presidency, including the safety of fishing vessels, the proposal for a Regulation reforming the EU's scheme of Generalised Tariff Preferences (GSP) for developing countries and the proposal ‘Energy Star’ for office equipment.

Momentum to advance the Union’s work

The Cypriot Deputy Minister concluded by stressing the fact that substantial work has been undertaken in all areas of priorities under the Cyprus Presidency.

“We are more or less in the middle of our Presidency; many files are reaching a satisfactory level of maturity and the momentum is there to further advance the Union’s work and achieve even more concrete results ;the remaining weeks are crucial and we will intensify our efforts and pace of work even more,” said Ambassador Mavroyiannis.

“The Cyprus Presidency is fully committed to continue working effectively and efficiently so as to achieve the goals set in its work Programme and to continue working Towards a Better Europe,” stated the Cypriot Deputy Minister.