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Zondag 25 oktober 2020

Competitiveness Council, 20/02/2017 - Main results

Met dank overgenomen van Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad) i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 21 februari 2017, 2:04.

Consumer protection in the digital age

The Council agreed on a general approach to strengthen consumer protection cooperation in the internal market. The purpose is to improve the way national administrations cooperate in order to prevent and reduce the harm caused to consumers by cross-border infringements of EU consumer law. Effective consumer protection has to respond in particular to the challenges of the digital economy and the development of cross-border retail trade in the EU.

"Building trust in the European digital single market requires a reliable system of consumer protection. Today's agreement will strengthen the enforcement of consumers' rights. Businesses will also benefit from having clearer and more uniform rules."

Christian Cardona, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta

Reform of the type-approval system for cars

The Council took note of a Presidency progress report on ongoing work to reform the system of type-approval and market surveillance for motor vehicles.

"The Presidency intends to continue its work to try to solve the outstanding issues. We hope for support from all delegations and the Commission in our efforts to find a good compromise over the next few weeks. Our intention is to present the text of a general approach to the Competitiveness Council in May."

Christian Cardona, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta

Helping EU start-ups to grow

Ministers discussed concrete ways of helping start-ups and scale-ups to take advantage of market opportunities and to do business in the single market.

The outcome of these discussions will feed into preparations for the informal ministerial meeting on competitiveness to be held in Valletta, Malta, on 5 and 6 April.

Competitiveness check-up: investments in intangible assets

The competitiveness check-up was focused on intangible investments (such as skills, software, design and intellectual property) in EU businesses. These assets are a valuable source of innovation and productivity gains for companies.

Public procurement

Ministers discussed ways of improving the implementation of public procurement in the context of the 2017 European Semester process. They highlighted in particular the need to make procurement more efficient, improve the quality of spending and modernise the public administration.


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