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EU monitor
Woensdag 15 juli 2020

Mariya Gabriel in Vienna, Austria

Hundertwasserhaus in Wenen
datum 19 november 2018
plaats Wenen, Oostenrijk
aanwezigen J. (Johannes) Hahn i, M.I. (Mariya) Gabriel i, S. (Sebastian) Kurz i e.a.

Mariya Gabriel in Vienna, Austria: in the context of the Vienna Economic Forum: participates, together with Johannes Hahn, in a joint working breakfast with WB leaders organised by the Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz; delivers a main statement in the podium discussion about “Regional cooperation as a part of the European integration: Digitalisation - bridging gaps and chance to leapfrog”; delivers speech and announces the winners of the European Broadband Awards at the awards ceremony, in Brussels.


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