Outcome of the June European Council and Austrian Presidency

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC) i, gepubliceerd op dinsdag 3 juli 2018.

President Juncker debriefed Commissioners on the outcome of the June European Council; The College discussed the priorities of the Austrian Presidency

The College meeting that took place in Strasbourg today focused on the results of last week's European Council and the upcoming College visit to Vienna for the preparations of the 6-month Austrian Presidency of the EU i.

On the European Council, President Juncker highlighted in particular the in-depth, constructive discussions on migration during which a common European approach and unity prevailed. He also informed Commissioners that commitments were confirmed on all of the three dimensions of the migration agenda: the external dimension, the protection of external borders and the internal dimension.

President Juncker informed the College on the discussion regarding Article 50 negotiations (Brexit), where EU leaders expressed their concern that no substantial progress has been made, notably on the backstop solution for Ireland/Northern Ireland. Leaders also called for an acceleration of Brexit-preparedness work at all levels.

President Juncker debriefed the College that at the inclusive Euro Summit, Member States agreed to advance work on Banking Union and the common backstop for the Single Resolution Fund.

Discussions in the College also focused on the state of play of the transatlantic relationship in preparation of next week's NATO i Summit, but also in light of the current trade issues with the United States.

The College also had an exchange regarding the work programme and priorities of the Austrian Presidency, ahead of the College visit to Vienna on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July.

As President Juncker said today at the Plenary Session of the European Parliament: "I look forward to this Austrian Presidency […] The government program of the Austrian Federal Government has a clear pro-European tonality."

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