Horizon Impact Award 2019: 10 finalists short-listed

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC) i, gepubliceerd op vrijdag 20 september 2019.

The European Commission i has announced the 10 projects to reach the final stages of the first Horizon Impact Award - a prize dedicated to EU i-funded i projects whose results have created societal impact across Europe and beyond. The prize acknowledges and rewards the most influential and impactful project results under Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme, and its predecessor, the 7th Framework programme (FP7, 2007-2013).

The prize highlights concrete achievements that have demonstrable value for society, and will celebrate the people who made it happen. The 10 finalists include:

CRYSP-TLS (France)

provided the web users with an improved TLS protocol that ensures digital security. Google, Mozilla Firefox and other major web-browsers, currently deploy the TLS 1.3 so citizens can check emails, make online purchases and even pay taxes using a more reliable web browser that ensures secure connection.

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Eaton Energy Storage (France)

developed energy storage systems to create a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries. Examples of installed systems includes large sites such as the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam.

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FRESH-DEMO (the Netherlands)

developed over 3 500 energy-efficient humidification systems called the Dry-Mist technology. By prolonging product freshness while avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging, this technology has already achieved 25% reduction in food waste annually. A leading Dutch supermarket chain has been able to reduce a total amount of 300 tonnes of plastic packing annually.

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research project led to the foundation of a new vaccine production using sugar molecules called glycols. The sugar vaccines can help fight against multi-drug resistant hospital bacteria that can hardly be defeated with antibiotics and kill 700 000 people worldwide each year.

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MANNO-CURE (Germany)

has produced the first long-term drug therapy to treat a rare disease called Alpha-Mannosidosis. The medicine Lamzede is already available on the market, resulting in an improved quality of life for the patients and the affected families

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MC4D-LA (Spain)

deployed 3G network service in rural areas of South America. Over 3 000 people benefit from the services, including telemedicine systems, which has already enabled more than 350 teleconsultations among the 15 public health establishments.

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PREHDICT POOLED (the Netherlands)

set new EU guidelines for HPV-based screening as part of early identification of cervical cancer in women. HPV screening is now deployed in Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

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developed a free child abuse prevention program that has already reached over 600 000 families in 22 countries and translated into 18 languages. The training program has been taken up in countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

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SEYLE (Sweden)

lead to the creation of a unique suicide prevention programme to decrease suicide attempts amongst adolescents. The program available in Europe, Australia and the US has benefited more than 100 000 pupils worldwide.

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is an example of holistic and people-centred approach to climate change to protect and ensure the safety of European coastal area. The best practices in coastal risk assessment have been successfully deployed in numerous European countries and taken up by key policy actors in the field.

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The winners will be announced at the award ceremony in Brussels on the 26 September at the European Research and Innovation Days with more than 4 000 high-level industry participants and promotors of innovation. In addition, the Commission will award the European Capital of Innovation 2019 prize and Horizon Prize for Social Innovation during the event.


This Horizon Impact Award, launched in March this year, aims to illustrate the wider socio-economic benefits of EU investment in research and innovation and to encourage project beneficiaries on how best to manage and utilise research results. Each of the winners will receive €10 000.


Horizon Impact Award